Abeba Baughman


Abeba B. Baughman

Author of The Glory of a Mustard Seed


Since immigrating to the United States, Abeba Baughman spends her time working as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and mentor to single mothers.


 She lives in California where she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.


The Glory of a Mustard Seed

My Perilous Journey of Faith, Perseverance, and God’s Relentless Love

Life is a learning journey. You may travel through a desert, you may stay at home, or you may have a career, but at all times you are learning. It is your journey.

In 1974, Abeba Baughman enjoyed life as a fashionable young single woman living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, waiting to marry a US Air Force doctor. Then a communist coup overthrew the government. As an educated woman, Abeba and the lives of her three young children were in danger, forcing Abeba to place her children in hiding and flee the country.

In The Glory of a Mustard Seed, read the harrowing account of Abeba’s trek through the Sahara Desert on a camel, being captured by guerilla fighters, and her eventual immigration to the US.

It’s a story of faith and perseverance, but more so, it’s the story of God’s power and love.


“These pages of testimony are an inspiration and example of what it means to grow in faith and be an agent of change in the process.”

Dave McDaniel
Men of Issachar Director
Aglow International


Abeba’s Thoughts

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